You’ve probably noticed that this summer stop is slowly moving towards autumn. That’s what happens when you take a break, it’s difficult to get started again. As you can see, the girls are still relaxing by the pool, so I guess we’ll just have to wait until they’re ready to pick up their quest. Fortunately…Continue readingStill relaxing

Are you guys enjoying the summer so far? Here in Belgium the weather hasn’t been that great. We’re used to rain, but the amount of thunderstorms that we’re having lately is a bit exaggerated. Climate change is here. But we shouldn’t complain too much, at least we’ve escaped the extreme heat that some parts of…Continue readingEnool enjoys the summer

After working on this comic for more than a year (since March 2020), it’s now time for a break. Despite all the love and energy we get from creating this story, delivering one page per week is no easy task. On top of this Mieke has some big illustrating assignments for the moment, and that’s…Continue readingSummer break

We have finally made it into Banreach! You can see the style of the drawings changing in this page, Mieke is experimenting a bit. At least Leetie will need a serious make-over in the next volume, because he’s just too difficult to draw right now, but I think all of our ladies will look a…Continue readingTetras – page 63

I think none of us are fans of the pearl, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Lys must find a way out of the border before it’s too late. And for Enool, it is too late already. She and the little turtle Gobo will have to find their own path.…Continue readingTetras – page 62