Lys the leader, Lys the bright. She is full of energy and never out of inspiration, she loves and is loved, but there is one thing she can’t bear: loss of face. Although she won’t readily admit it, she struggles with her past in the dark temple, and the way her mother died there.

Leetie is a small dragon who’s spent his entire life serving the Dragon God. Seeing the world for the first time, he is amazed by its beauty, and that of its female inhabitants.

Enool is practical, fair and to the point. As a master of the sword, she is an indispensable member of the group. Don’t come to her looking for advice on love and life, but if it’s adventure you want, there’s no better choice than brave Enool.

Kami is the youngest member of the team. Sweet and accommodating, fun and outgoing. She doesn’t like change, but has decided it’s time to grow up. And to the delight of all men, growing up to her means losing her virginity… which may be somewhat difficult when you’re in the middle of an epic quest.