We have finally made it into Banreach! You can see the style of the drawings changing in this page, Mieke is experimenting a bit. At least Leetie will need a serious make-over in the next volume, because he’s just too difficult to draw right now, but I think all of our ladies will look a…Continue readingTetras – page 63

I think none of us are fans of the pearl, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Lys must find a way out of the border before it’s too late. And for Enool, it is too late already. She and the little turtle Gobo will have to find their own path.…Continue readingTetras – page 62

In the end it isn’t Kami who breaks, it’s Enool. She does it for the noblest of reasons, to help a child, and that’s exactly what makes the border so cruel: it uses your goodness against you.Continue readingTetras – page 61

Page 60 already, the pages do fly. I love that last frame, where our friends walk hand in hand past Leetie’s memory. This first volume is coming to an en. Only three more pages to go and then we’re out of that infernal border and into the next country: Banreach. This page was sponsored by…Continue readingTetras – page 60

Oops, I posted this drawing a little late. For some reason I was convinced I needed to publish tomorrow. Making this post just now, I wanted to schedule it for tomorrow morning and only then I realised that I always post the page on Friday, not on Saturday, duh! Mieke is almost never completely happy…Continue readingTetras – page 59