That poor little Lys. When you see all the drama I invent, you wouldn’t believe what a softie I am in real life. I must say, after seeing these high res pages, I want to take it all back and let mommy cuddle those girls until they’re all grown up. But that would make for…Continue readingTetras – page 53

That… is… bloody. Seeing that drawing in storyboard versus ‘real life’ is a whole different thing. I wasn’t sure it would be clear from the drawing that everyone’s decapitated, ahum, if there is one thing that’s clear… At least there aren’t any heads flying around. But the trauma for little Lys in the middle of…Continue readingTetras – page 52

This page was sponsored by our patrons Bill, David, Philippe, Raymond and Marco. The silence before the storm… You didn’t think that brain was powerless, did you, just because it’s out of its head? The brain and the amulet are sharing a strange but powerful kissss (that’s how Mieke described the sound, up to you to imagine…Continue readingTetras – page 51

This page was sponsored by our patrons Marco, Bill, David, Philippe and Raymond. Some of you may have noticed that the site was down on Wednesday. Something went wrong when I was updating WordPress, so I had to restore a back-up. The whole thing was very annoying and made me realise I need to design this site…Continue readingTetras – page 50

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