Tetras – cover

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lys. From the minds and pens of two sisters comes a fantasy webcomic about an epic journey through time and space. Mieke and An Janssens are sisters and best friends. They love everything that is fantasy: steampunk, comics, books, movies, cosplay… As kids, they used to lock themselves up in the bedroom to read comics, or make them for that matter. They wrote and drew together, but as the years went by Mieke further developed her illustrating skills, while An preferred writing. Now that they have both grown in their own field, the time has come to unite forces and make that old dream come true: creating a comic book together. Lys of the Drakois is the result of their passion, their love, and most of all, their lifelong friendship. This webcomic has been years in the making, but is only now being shown to the public. With everything that is happening in the world in 2020, the sisters thought it was time they shared Lys with the world. Because even in hard times like this COVID-19 crisis, we can find joy and comfort in the little things. Like a story that lifts us up to a fantastic world of excitement and wonder.

The story takes place in the Fractured World. It consists of five realms, which Lys and her companions must all traverse. No-one knows anything beyond his own piece of land, because the realms are separated by impassable frontiers. We start our quest in Tetras. It is the place where Lys lives. It’s peaceful and serene, full of people devoted to the Dragon God. And there’s the downside: it’s crowded with people. There are hardly any animals here, most of which can be found in white temples where they are revered as disciples of the Dragon God. Because animals are scarce, the people of Tetras have adopted a strictly vegan diet. Eating meat is even referred to as cannibalism. Especially by the animals themselves who voice their opinions quite vocally in Tetras.

Lys will embark on a quest that will take her to fantastic places within the Fractured World. Through love and loss she will learn about the true nature of this strange world and the magic that runs through its veins. Come along and meet Lys and her friends on their journey filled with adventure, fierce amazon warriors, magic, dragons and a turtle. Never underestimate the turtle. Gobo!