Tetras – page 1

In Tetras, no one is held in such high regard as the Drakois, soldiers in the army of the Dragon God. Only women can be Drakois, for men are not allowed to train in the arts of combat, or carry weapons for that matter. Heretics dare to claim that the Dragon God wants to tame all men, out of fear of a new uprising. No one alive remembers the Last Uprising though, when a united front was formed against the Dragon God. Nor does anyone remember why they rebelled in the first place. What is known, is that since the Drakois were appointed as the guardians of Tetras there has been no war and hardly any conflict for that matter. Their rule is gentle when it can be, but ruthless when needed. Their amazon warriors roam through Tetras and make sure everyone remains loyal to the Dragon God. You can easily spot them travelling the lands, because they are the only ones on horseback.

Their struggle for peace and order has resulted in some unexpected twists of fate throughout the years. With the absence of armed conflict, the population gradually grew in the cities while large portions of the wild were turned into farmland. Another side effect of the disarming of the people was the rise of the dragons. As they grew in numbers, livestock as well as wildlife was under constant attack by the insatiable dragons. In a time that is known as the Great Hunger, the appetite of the dragons lead to entire species becoming extinct. These magnificent beasts blacked out the sun and scorched the land as they swooped in for their meals. Animals became scarce and the dragons turned to the next best thing: humans. Luckily, the Drakois were able to convince the dragons to stop their raids and switch to a vegetarian diet. By cold hard dragon logic, humans were forced to do the same. This truce has stood for centuries and now the eating of meat has all but disappeared throughout Tetras. What the dragons did not predict though is that their diet would change their behaviour. They became less aggressive and through the generations their size dwindled. Now the people fear their bean enhanced gas more than their fiery breath.

While the Drakois brought peace for the people as well as the dragons, their matriarchal reign also changed the cultural habits. It was no longer the men who chased after women. The roles had been reversed. The Drakois are especially known for getting what and whom they wanted. When the day for a Drakois had come to choose a mate, she will not take no for an answer.

It is on such a day that we meet our three friends. Lys, Enool and Kami are returning to one of the cities for some well deserved rest. It is custom for the Drakois to find tranquility and guidance in the white temple. But today, one of the ladies has less devout plans in mind…