Tetras – page 59

Oops, I posted this drawing a little late. For some reason I was convinced I needed to publish tomorrow. Making this post just now, I wanted to schedule it for tomorrow morning and only then I realised that I always post the page on Friday, not on Saturday, duh!

Mieke is almost never completely happy about a page, but she is about this one. I think the difference is that there’s more black in the inking, or maybe it’s just because Mieke got to draw so many sexy warriors.

In the storyboard, I drew a Drakoi that was too busy cooking for the children, and little Kami had made a drawing that she wanted to show. Mieke changed that into this, and it’s obviously much better this way.

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It is a bit much indeed. But don’t jump off that bridge just yet, because better times are coming! I just posted the next page, where Kami is being pulled out of her memories. It’s high time for our Drakois to leave that damned border.

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