The realms

Fractured World consists of five realms, which Lys and her companions must all traverse. No-one knows anything beyond his own piece of land, because the realms are separated by impassable frontiers.

Tetras is the place where Lys lives. It’s peaceful and serene, full of people devoted to the Dragon God. And there’s the downside: it’s full of people. There are hardly any animals here, most of which can be found in white temples.

Banreach is the first foreign realm that Lys will enter. Although realm isn’t exactly the right word for this one. Banreach is a land without ruler, the only law is survival of the fittest. But it’s also a place of a million colours, of a jungle so full of life that Lys will hardly believe her eyes.

Queensland is, yes you’ve guessed it, ruled by an all-mighty queen. It won’t get much more steampunk than this place, folks. Queensland thrives on its industry (okay, also a little bit on its slavery). The smog that covers the land is an annoying but inevitable side-effect.

Orianu, desolate, vast Orianu. Long ago it belonged to Queensland, but when the frontiers appeared Orianu got most of the pollution and none of the gain. It’s a terrible place to live, those trapped there are on the verge of losing their humanity.

Ugwu is Lys’ final destination. You might wonder why, because it’s a tiny realm with little inhabitants, and there is nothing but volcanoes and caves as far as the eye can see. But it’s in one of those caves that Lys’ mother died all those years ago.