An and Mieke at Comic Con

Mieke and An Janssens are sisters and best friends. They love everything that is fantasy: steampunk, comics, books, movies, cosplay… As kids, they used to lock themselves up in the bedroom to read comics, or make them for that matter. They wrote and drew together, but as the years went by Mieke further developed her illustrating skills, while An preferred writing. They went their own way. Mieke became a freelance illustrator, drawing all kinds of stuff, such as tarot cards, children’s books…. And An’s Dutch fantasy books were published by Luitingh Sijthoff. (There’s a website with more information on An and Mieke Janssens, but that one is in Dutch only I’m afraid.)

Now that they have both grown in their own field, the time has come to unite forces and make that old dream come true: creating a comic together. Lys of the Drakois is the result of their passion, their love, and most of all, their life long friendship.

Below is a short video where Mieke and An talk about themselves and the comic. Check it out for a close look at these silly sisters!