Poor Kami is confronted with a truth that was better left unseen. It looks like none of our girls will be quite the same when they leave the border, if they manage to leave at all…  But on a more positive note: we have a blonde Drakois here, and we didn’t see one of those…Continue readingTetras – page 58

That sneaky little sister of mine always finds ways not to draw Leetie. But I’ll let that one go, and I’ll just delight in the fact that the children wear the same kind of outfit as their grown up counterparts, and that we’re learning something about the joint history of Kami and Enool. This page…Continue readingTetras – page 57

I don’t know about you, but for me this small scene of friendship is a real breather after all that blood and beheading. Once the border part is over and done with, it’s all going to be laughs and adventure for a while, no more drama! This page was sponsored by our patrons Philippe, Raymond, Marco,…Continue readingTetras – page 56

Is that red encircled border voice confusing? Perhaps I should have made it more clear from the start that that’s really the magic of the border speaking to Lys. Anyhow, we’ve seen Lys’ painful memory, and now it’s time to move on to the next victim of the border. Something is definitely going on with…Continue readingTetras – page 55

The page is a tad late today. Normally I prepare everything on Thursday evening, and schedule the page to be posted early Friday morning. But instead of doing that yesterday, I dragged myself out of the sofa to go for a run (and afterwards forgot all about the page). Now that spring is here, I’m…Continue readingTetras – page 54