Tetras – page 2

Time to get to know the party of brave warriors. These three beautiful women from the Yellow Tribe have known each other for years and have become best friends. They do not scare away from danger and take on any task, because they know that together they will always find a way to succeed. Today they visit the white temple, although their motivations to come here are quite different from what you might expect.

Enool is practical, fair and to the point. As a master of the sword, she is an indispensable member of the group. She has seen her share of battle dealing with small insurgencies in Tetras. None of them were ever long lived, because the pitchforks of these disgruntled farmers were never a match for Enool’s swift katanas. There is nothing she loves more than being outside on another quest for the Drakois. Don’t come to her looking for advice on love and life, but if it’s adventure you want, there’s no better choice than brave Enool.

Kami is the youngest member of the team. Sweet and accommodating, fun and outgoing. She doesn’t like change, but has decided it’s time to grow up. And to the delight of all men, growing up to her means losing her virginity… which may be somewhat difficult when you’re in the middle of an epic quest. She has been talking about it for months. At first it was a welcome change from her previous devout lecturing, but as the weeks turned into months Enool is losing her patience and hopes Kami will just get it over with. At least she was focused on the cause while going on about her duties for the Dragon God. Now she is distracted at every turn.

Knowing the reputation of the Drakois, it is not surprising that many young men tend to hide when they hear the sound of hooves in the distance. Families try to send their sons off to be married on the neighboring farm as soon as they come of age. Even though it is an exquisite honor and privilege to be named partner of such a beautiful and fierce amazon, only a few are brave enough to rise up to the challenge.

Lys on the other hand is always up for a challenge. Even that of finding the perfect partner for her dear friend. It is not uncommon for the Drakois to demand elaborate contests for the men who are lucky enough to be named suitors. These might require running a dangerous gauntlet, or going on a long quest. The most demanding Drakoi warriors even required their suitors to best them in single combat. But those daring Drakois have all become old spinsters now. For what man could ever rival the skill of a Drakoi?