Tetras – page 52

That… is… bloody. Seeing that drawing in storyboard versus ‘real life’ is a whole different thing. I wasn’t sure it would be clear from the drawing that everyone’s decapitated, ahum, if there is one thing that’s clear… At least there aren’t any heads flying around. But the trauma for little Lys in the middle of the circle, it’s so dramatic, just as it should be.

On a very different note, we have a new website, yahoo! You can now comment and everything, so please do tell us what you think about the site, the comic, or whatever. It’ll be great to get in contact this way.

Also, we now have the link to Topwebcomics on the bottom, so I’m not going to put it in the text anymore (a vote stays as much appreciated as it always has been). I will mention that this page was sponsored by our patrons David, Philippe, Raymond, Marco and Bill, they deserve a small applause for making us push through.

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